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Below are comments and reviews about the book, Cenotes of the Riviera Maya 2016.  If you would like to add your comments or review, please feel free to use the form below.  [PLEASE NOTE:  All submitted comments are checked.  Any comments containing spam, HTML code or URLs will be deleted.  Comments are then added below as time permits.]

Jonathan Taylor: Thanks Steve.... just picked up a few for me and a few friends.

Peter Sotis: Just bought one for myself and a friend!

Brad Bremer: ...just got mine ordered. Thx Steve

Bill Adams: I can't wait to read it!

Justin Bates: Thanks, Steve! Looking forward to picking up a copy!

Billy Snook: Nice!

Joseph Jonathan Bosquez: Hey Steve, I'll definitely have to pick one up!

Kelly Jessop: Thanks Steve... Already got my copy. Very nice and great job.

Marcia Kirby: I need one!

Betta Idoeta: You made a treasure, did you know that?

Trevor Yagen: Almost to chapter 7 "Accident Analysis". Great book! Very informative!

Bernie Chowdhury: Huge congratulations, Steve! I am looking forward to reading your book!

Beemer Rick Brown: What a huge undertaking and accomplishment! I can't imagine the work it took to do this. I congratulate you on what you've done.

Gonzalo Estrada: Great Cover page, Congratulations¡

Cyndi Blanchard: Hi Steve, thanks for the personal invite. I just ordered your book last week. Can't wait to see it!

Harold Stalvey: Thanks Steve, I'll put it out there! I wish you great success on your new book!

Joe George: Good work Steve!! Mine will be out after Christmas!!

Micheil Gerrie: Awesome thanks!

Ivan Contreras: I already know that book but I'm not lucky enough to have it. It looks a lot like a great book, I recommend it to everyone.

Mark Dobson:  ...bought four copies three to give to friends and one for me.

Jim Twyford: I got my soft cover yesterday from B&N.

Kevin Schartung: Just ordered mine. Hopefully I'll be able to get it signed soon. Thanks for all your work Steve. Great price too. I was expecting about twice that price.

Seth Warren: I got mine from Amazon in less than a week - your first book literally changed my life, really looking forward to this one now that I have my full cave. I want to thank you for the incredible amount of time, work, and devotion this book represents!

David Blkdrk: Awesome!!

Rob Neto: Ordered from Amazon last week. Got an email Friday that it shipped with an estimated delivery of tomorrow. Looking forward to getting it

George Thompson: Got mine! Guess I need to bring it down to PA to get signed!

Trevor Yagen: I'm about 100 pages in and it's a great read! Very informative!

Oliver Paoli:  ...shoot I’ve been slacking', I gotta get it now!!!

Patrick Donahoe: I want to go to lunch and get my personal copy signed by you!!! LOL You're not sold out already are you?

Ken Smith: Hi Steve! I'd better have a look. I have your earlier book.

Attilio Eusebio: I like, I bought your book and I look forward to see it.

Donna Malchuk: Congratulations! Making a book is a hefty endeavor, way to go!

Carmen Grimm: Hi Steve, Thanks for your info. I would love a book of you have signed with your autograph. Greetings dear and good luck with it ... Carmen

Bob Wilson: Outstanding! Good luck with it.

Tom Hundley: Looking forward to my delivery.

Rick Thomas: I'm going to order a copy! Will be a great Christmas gift for a wonderful lady, and dive buddy who just loves diving the cenotes.

Bob Atwater: Outstanding!

Cyndi Blanchard: Hi Steve, thanks for the personal invite. I just ordered your book last week. Can't wait to see it!

Michelle Winkel: Thank you for sharing, wishing you much success!!

Christian Viola: Great book, very informative pictures not that good, but will be getting a copy of the kindle version as the photos might be better on my Mac and easier to take on holiday, will this be published in German?

Jeff Tobey: I would love to, Steve. I'll purchase six books.

Herve Gordon: Good for you Steve. All the best.

Barbara J Dwyer: Looking forward very much to reading it, Steve.

Julianne Ziefle: yay

Robert Jabłoński: Steve, you was shipped to almost all of the world country's but forget about your friends from Poland!!:))) Best from Dive Outpost Florida.

Debra Canabal: Thanks!

Patti Crawford: YEAH! Steve

James Lapenta: Mine arrived yesterday. Thanks Steve. Was surprised to see the W.Va. postmark.

Jason Brown: My copy is on order from Amazon UK.

Keith Wells: Love the book Steve, can’t put it down! Very informative!

William Smith: Ordered my copy from Amazon last night. Only five copies left!

Shawn Baker: Just got my Kindle Edition so I can read anywhere!

Chris McBeath: I ordered your book Sunday.

Jason Brown: Getting someone to sign the e-book is a bad idea - last time I did that, it took me ages to get the writing off the glass screen! :-)

Launa Brockman: Yeah! Going to have to get that!

Ana Maria Martins: Hi Steve, I really appreciate the news and congratulations for the eBook. I am out on the island now but when I come back will most certainly look for it.

Mark Flory: I just ordered it.

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