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Cenotes of the Riviera Maya - 2nd Edition

The long awaited 2nd edition, a complete guide to snorkeling, cavern diving and cave diving the cenotes of the Riviera Maya. This book include photographs, maps and provides details of where and how to swim, dive and enjoy these beautiful cenotes located on the Carribbean coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Color cover, black-and-white inside, 640 pages.
Cave Diving: Safe and Smart

PSAI’s new Cave Diving Manual, Cave Diving – Safe & Smart, contains 242 pages of up to date information for those interested in becoming a cave diver as well as serving as a comprehensive reference for those who are certified as cave divers. Authored by Steve Gerrard, Gary Taylor, and Martyn Farr; with contributions by Jeff Bozanic, Hal Watts, and Argyris Argyriadis this book provides a truly international perspective as well as a view that can only be brought by those with a long term history of involvement in cave diving.
Cavern Diving: Safe & Fun

CAVERN DIVING - SAFE & FUN is the information source for the dive sites we explore in my "Cenote Cavern Tours. I carefully and thoroughly explain how to perform the dives with entry/exit points, buoyancy skills and swimming techniques, safety principles, weighting & safe equipment configuration and the cenote environment.
Great Book Deal!

PSAI’s new cave diving manual, Cave Diving – Safe & Smart, and the cavern diving manual, Cavern Diving – Safe & Fun, normally $91.00 plus shipping currently discounted to $75.00 plus shipping
The Tunnel

Fiction.  The Tunnel is an unusual adventure involving two intrepid cave divers in the underwater caves of Central Florida. Carth and Louis are on a run-of-the-mill cave dive when something goes horribly wrong. A mysterious solo diver appears and saves Louis' life. The rescuer, Jim, and Carth become fast friends, but soon find themselves in an astonishing predicament when they discover a new tunnel. With great effort they dig their way into the tunnel and into the unknown. Almost at the point where they should turn back, they see light from a sinkhole above, one that doesn't exist on any map. Do they stop and head back, or do they risk their lives and ascend into the adventure of a lifetime?
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